223 A Mini Inventory In Borderlands

Playing Borderlands 2 recently, it dawned on my co-op partner Kevin that there could be a better way to view your guns without going into the pause menu.

This got me to thinking… really, there could be a better way to check your inventory while your outside of the menu in general. The amount of time a player spends in Borderlands (or similar games) traveling across distances is significant. There needs to be a way for me to inspect my stash of guns while I’m exploring. If I just picked up 6 cool guns after a boss battle, I may want to continue exploring the world, but still be able to check out those guns.

So, maybe while I’m running around, if I press and hold on the button that would normally open the menu, it instead enters me into a slightly altered control mode. I still run and jump and adjust the camera the way I need to. But, my D-pad no longer hot swaps my 4 favorite guns. Instead, it’s now in charge of allowing me to scroll through my entire list of guns and equipment, inspect and equip guns, test shoot them, and assign them to the hot swap slots.

This would need to be tested though, and carefully designed. We wouldn’t want it to be so easy to switch guns this way that the player would use this method as a way of essentially upping their max of 4 easily accessible guns to an entire backpack of 30+ guns.

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August 11, 2015