236 Adjustable Abilities, and Recklessness

A game system that uses sacrifice and chance to increase the strength of an ability.

Instead of Frost Bolt costing 12 mana every time you cast it through the entirety of a game, the player chooses how much investment to put into a single use of the ability. Maybe, the ability can be used for anywhere from 2-12 mana, in increments of 2, with its strength scaling down accordingly to what is spent. If the ability is used at anything over 12 mana, its considered Reckless (so, a Reckless Frost Bolt). Reckless abilities have diminishing chances to hit their target, but exponentially increasing power.

Want to do some major damage to a boss? Try spending your entire pool of mana on a single ability use; just cross your fingers that it actually hits. ;)

[ Today I Was Playing: Persona 4: Golden ]

August 24, 2015