240 Chess+

Chess played on a real Chess board, asynchronously and anywhere across the world.

Your Chess+ board is connected to the internet. Set up an account online or through your iPad or iPhone and start playing remotely with your friends (or foes)!

The board contains strong magnets that keep each piece in place when it’s not your turn. When your turn begins, the Chess+ board releases its grip on your pieces and you are free to move them as you please. In Pro mode, the board won’t inform you of illegal or incorrect moves.

Additionally, play against the AI in Chess++ mode, where tiles light up to help guide you through the best and worst moves of each game. Learn meaningful strategies that you can apply to games with your friends.

The Chess+ board will learn your tendencies over time to help teach you new strategies and continue reenforcing the good current strategies. It can also keep track of how long you take on average for your turns, total game lengths, and other fun stats about piece movement.

The Chess board can also, obviously, be used for standard in-person games of Chess.

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August 28, 2015

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