265 Punctuation Poker (or, Poker?)

In this loosely-based-on variation of poker, players draw cards with punctuation marks on them, and rearrange them to try and one-up each other’s draw.

Brainstorming for what this idea could be:

  • Punctuation mark cards are mixed in with the regular deck of cards. Periods, commas, exclamation points, and question marks can all be used in different ways to arrange your hand of cards like a sentence.
  • The entire deck is made up of all punctuation marks; the standard ones as well as some of the more esoteric ones. These are used in different ways to create hands and challenge opponents.
  • On the back of a standard deck, each card has a type of punctuation printed that affects the way it can be played, flipped over, discarded, etc.
  • Separate chips, tokens, or pieces are used in conjunction with a standard deck of cards, with punctuation marks printed on them and used to alter the game in some way.
  • Each player is assigned a certain “class” punctuation mark, and can use it as a specialty to help them win throughout a game

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September 22, 2015

#card-game, #game-modification