266 LiQuiD (A Space Game)

LiQuiD (or LQD) is a zero-g water shooting extravaganza sport.

Three teams of two people compete to defend their corner of a triangle shaped playing field. Each corner is unique (L, Q, and D), and a single match consists of three games with each team rotating between defending the 3 corners. In the center of the triangle is a liquid refilling station.

The object of the game is to coat your opponents zone WALL entirely with your team’s color liquid. Each player is equipped with one arm-mounted water jet, which is hooked to a slim 3-litre capacity backpack. The game starts with all 6 players standing in center, facing their goals.

Since this game is played in zero-g, the water behaves uniquely. Beyond its use for coating the opponent’s zone WALL, it can be used for diversion tactics, can be deflected or pushed, and can even be used as a weak jet to help propel the player in a certain direction.

Specific obstacles or layouts make each corner of the field unique and challenging to deal with. There’s a 10 minute time limit, and only a handful of rules and limitations that pause this timer temporarily (the the case of certain fouls). A mockup of the field:


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September 23, 2015

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