267 Cat Ops

Cats like games, too; play this co-op game with your cat.

A board game about pushing buttons (for cats) and completing covert operative missions (for non-cats). As a spy, your mission is to infiltrate, gain intel, and get out quietly. Overlord Cat’s mission is to stop you. The board contains large, cat-paw-sized buttons that can be pressed to buff, enhance, or otherwise aid the enemy’s location or minions. Use cards and abilities to hack the system and shut off Overlord Cat’s access to these buttons, helping you get in and out unseen.

The buttons would be made in a way that they could be covered completely but sliding some mechanism, preventing one or all of them from being pressed. They’re also designed to be slightly difficult to press, requiring the cat’s dexterity and perseverance. They may optionally be filled with cat nip each time to increase your cat’s interest in them.

Comes with an optional laser pointer, to be used by an outside party to increase Overlord Cat’s destruction and mayhem.

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September 24, 2015

#board-game, #cat-game, #experimental-game