276 Be The Narrator

A traditional 3rd-person action game, with your character controlled indirectly through the narrator’s words.

Picture the narrator from Bastion, except instead of him saying the things that you as the character are doing, you are saying those things and the character then does them.

The interface and really entire interaction system with this type of game would have to be custom and unique. It might be played with just a keyboard. Or maybe there are dozens of potential lines you could say at any given time as the narrator, a la Scribblenauts style library of choices. It might be more contextual, so depending on where the character is or what it last did, the narrator has different options.

I wouldn’t want it to feel necessarily like a choose-your-own-adventure, though. It might be funny if the style of story were that the narrator would actually be able to change their mind with some decisions.

“Actually, she decided to run back to the entrance of the forest and take the other fork in the road.”

The goal is to create an interaction system with a story that removes the element of direct control from the player, but still gives the sense that the character in the story still has direct control; it’s just interpreted from what the narrator says.

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October 3, 2015

#action-game, #experimental-game