278 Dark Glow

A card game played in the dark.

A quick google search reveals that WTF there’s no glow-in-the-dark card games out there? Or really any glow-in-the-dark games!?

This card game is played in the complete darkness. Or maybe only sometimes it is.

A magician and a thief have teamed up to cause some chaos during a local street faire. Collect your group of detectives and team up to use clues, deduction, and a bit of luck to track down the troublemakers and restore happiness to the bustling street market!

(More thought needs to go into this one. But picture a two-cycle game turn of peace/chaos, during chaos all the lights in the room go out and the rules of the game change, using glow in the dark portions of different cards, and a dice set that rolls differently, and interactions between players work differently?)

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October 5, 2015

#card-game, #experimental-game, #glow-in-the-dark-game