301 Complex Controls

On Monday, I talked a little bit about an idea of having a purposeful input delay in digital gaming. This week, I came across something somewhat similar. The game Super Time Force Ultra(SUCH A GOOD GAME!), is a side-scrolling shooter. But, it transcends those bounds by also being an interesting action/puzzle game.

I noticed right away that the developers chose to make the “shoot” button a controller thumb button rather than a finger trigger button. I think it was a genius choice, and certainly one made on purpose. The game isn’t a shooter really, it’s a smart puzzle game where you shoot. So, keep the jump and shoot buttons right next to each other slows the player down a little, and forces them to focus on what’s happening on the screen more intently, rather than just running and spraying bullets like crazy.

It got me thinking about a potential mechanic that creates a complex and nuanced controller button mapping on purpose, to do something that might otherwise be easier to accomplish. Brainstorm time:

  • A platformer that requires you to be holding different buttons depending on the color of your special ability, otherwise you begin rapidly losing health
  • Every 10 seconds, the “Trigger” button changes. This button must be held down for any other functions to work correctly.
  • A mini rhythm game happening all throughout a different style game. Press L and R in time with bass and snare hits.
  • A driving game where L1 and R1 must be held down the whole time, simulating your two hands gripping a steering wheel.

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October 28, 2015