302 3D Memory

In this classic twist on the standard memory learning game, rotate varyingly complex 3D objects in digital space to reveal identical panels, pair by pair.

Although something like a 6-sided cube might be a little too simple to begin with (that’s only 3 pairs of 2…), the first few challenges in this game would be similarly basic, maybe starting off with a 12-faced object.

This brain game would push your ability to recall points on an object relative to one another, even while the object is being rotated and points are obscured from view. Much like standard memory, the beginning of a challenge would be much more difficult. Once some pairs are revealed, it’s much easier for the brain to create relationships with those flipped panels to the location of future flipped cards.

As the challenges get harder, different shaped faces would be used, as well as different objects to “memorize” behind those faces. In an extremely difficult challenge, maybe it’s only colors that you’re matching; red to red, blue to blue.

Another option for this game might be that a single side of the board is like a terrain, with topographic style extruded shapes, and the other side is similar but separate. And each card of the pairs you’re searching for is always located one on each side of the board. Effectively, you could never see both sides of the board at the same time.

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October 29, 2015

#brain-game, #educational-game