303 Magnet Ball (A Space Game)

This space game consists of what is essentially a double sided basketball court. Take a basketball court, suspend it 30 meters in the air, make a copy of that basketball court, invert it, and attach it to the bottom of the first basketball court. That’s basically a Magnet Ball court.

In this game, all players wear special shoes/boots that have medium-strength magnets inside of them. These are strong enough to help them stay on the court, but not too strong as to prevent them from lifting their legs.

Two teams of six compete, although each team is split in Top and Bottom squads. The top squad, obviously, plays on the upper court, while the bottom squad plays upside down on the bottom court.

The ball, about the size of a basketball, has a medium strength magnet inside of it as well, with the same polarity as the floor, causing the ball to float about a meter above the court, if left alone. Because of this, if a Magnet Ball is pulled beneath that 1 meter threshold, to the floor of the court, and then released, it will rocket upward with a good amount of velocity.

There’s also a large hole in the center of the court that allows the ball to be passed through between Top and Bottom. The goals is a medium, rubber half dome attached to the ceiling panel, protected in a square of 4 sides of netting, leaving only directly underneath it exposed.

I need to think more about how scoring might work, and most importantly about what the opposite side of the court is doing to assist while the ball is active and in play on one side.

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October 30, 2015

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