304 Unfolded

In Professor Layton, there’s a group of particularly nasty puzzles that asks you to look at a flat piece of paper and envision it folded up. The common one is an unfolded cube; 6 panels strangely connected, and its your task to place objects on each of those 6 panels so that when the cube is reformed, certain things connect correctly.

I love this idea and challenge of taking unfolded paper objects and picturing them differently, without actually being able to touch and fold them physically.

In Unfolded, you must reassemble important narrative objects throughout the game to reveal the story, by folding and unfolding. For example, you come across a door that’s locked but has no keyhole; use your paper folding skills to bring to life a keyhole that one of your keys will fit in to. Maybe later in the game, the key you had folded for that lock must be unfolded and refolded into a hat for the main character to use as a disguise.

It’s an adventure game style inventory, except you build your own objects that you need, out of the unfolded remnants of unused older objects.

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October 31, 2015

#adventure-game, #puzzle-game