306 Super Braid Force Defense

I played the crap out of Super Time Force Ultra recently, and was genuinely overjoyed with the experience (hmm… it might make this year’s favorites list!). And naturally, it will likely influence the designs coming out of my head for the next few weeks.

Picture this: the multiple character copies mechanic from STFU, the complex and thoughtful time-based puzzle design from John Blow’s Braid, and a sprinkle of classic turn-based and tower-defense genres.

So, you’re strategically placing defenses, or maybe characters, throughout space, as well as time. Maybe the level itself isn’t timed necessarily, but you also have less “rewinds” (STFU gave you 30!? I almost never needed or used them all, except for during one final boss), or they’re expensive to initiate. I want the level to feel like it’s genuinely challenging me from a temporal standpoint; it requires you to think laterally to solve diverse and interesting puzzles.

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November 2, 2015

#experimental-game, #strategy-game