310 Improvise This!

Any musician hopes to better their improvisational skills at any given time; the ability to improvise melodies and chords is greatly sought after. Maybe there’s a way that a game can help unlock this potential in people.

This brain game takes something like melody writing and simplifies it in a specific way to encourage creativity. By simplifying the input method, this allows the user to listen more closely to the melody they are creating, and helps them focus on whether that is something unique, engaging, and effective.

Another important factor is how the input is visualized on screen. It’s important to represent the melody in a way that’s clearly communicated and learnable. The user needs to understand when they make something that they’re like the sound of, how they can easily reproduce that again.

[ Today I Was Playing: Skulls of the Shogun and Infamous: First Light ]

November 6, 2015

#brain-game, #educational-game, #music-game