311 Momentary Lapse Of Decision

In this brain training game, you must fight off your experience of momentary indecision.

This feeling occurs when you do something so often, then alter that task slightly, and compare or switch between these two alternates quickly. The brief hiccup of uncertainty between which set of rules to use or outcome to choose is a unique phenomenon.

In this game, cards are presented to the player Tinder-style, with a shape, color, and number on each one. Numbers 1-5 swipe left, 6-10 swipe to the right. Red swipes left, blue swipes right. Squares swipe to the left, and circles right.

The game starts with one “rule” to follow (for example “follow the colors!”), and after 3 successful card swipes, the rule changes. In later, more extreme levels, swiping up and down is introduced, for use with multiple rules. If a card follows both proposed rules, swipe it up, if it follows neither rule, swipe it down.

The excitement and interest in this game lie in the moments between swiping, when the player’s mind is in complete indecision!

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November 7, 2015

#brain-game, #touch-controlled-game