317 I Pay/You Pay

A bar game that uses trivia, skill, or pure luck to settle a dispute over who could pay for the meal and drinks.

Too often it’s a problem when two or more people are out to eat together, and one of them wants to catch the bill, but the others won’t allow it. With this game, you could win fair-and-square your chance to be able to pony up cash for all or part of the bill.

At the end of the meal, the bill total is taken and split x ways among the x number of diners. This total is your Bill, and its how much you have to wager with in the game. You may chose to opt out, which simply cuts your portion from the game, and makes you responsible to pay that much (like you would have been anyway). Otherwise, you can choose to play the game using your Bill total. If you want to try and pay less for the meal, try and give your money away. If you’re trying to pay more for the meal, then your goal is to take money from everybody else’s Bill.

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November 13, 2015

#experimental-game, #social-game