319 WhichFlix?

The worst part about Netflix is trying to pick something out to watch. Never before in humanity’s history of television has it been so difficult to simply decide on what to watch. Even when Blockbuster was a thing, it’s not as though you would waste hours and hours browsing it; typically you’d pick out 3 or 4 things, rent them, go home, and watch them.

This game helps solve that problem! Link your Netflix account to WhichFlix and import all of your viewing and rating data. The game then uses the most up-to-date list of Netflix available shows. Tell it how many people are watching (/deciding on what to watch), and begin!

The game will ask you a series of questions, give you choices, and quickly navigate you to something awesome to watch! Reward is given to the player if they actually decide to watch one of the first few suggestions given, instead of wasting additional time in the game, trying to decide.

[ Today I Was Playing: Fallout 4 ]

November 15, 2015