324 RelationShips

A pirate-themed board game that’s focused on growing and maturing your relationship with your significant other.

More games should be designed to specifically develop deeper relationships among the two players. In this board game, part of the game is spent owning your own pirate ship, collecting resources and crew, and faring the open seas. Collect, defend, and grow your ship. However, eventually the players must meet one another, and decide how to merge their pirate ships into one. Which player is in charge of which things, how product is split, and what that means for the new pirate ship must all be decided upon. Further, future decisions must be collaborated on to create a successful and harmonious ship. The content of the game could take an obscure approach, or it may be more direct (i.g. “When was the last major disagreement in your relationship, how was it settled, and is there something that could be done differently next time?”).

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November 20, 2015

#board-game, #social-game