331 Found Object

A children’s game about imagination and outside-the-box thinking.

This anytime-anywhere game can be played simply. One person picks an object around them as the subject. Typically something handheld is best as it allows for the most freedom and creativity, but any object can work. Then, each person takes turns naming something that object could be used for other than it’s intended purpose. For example, if the object were a bowl, ideas might be that it could be a hat, a chair, a shovel, and so on. The more creative the idea, the better.

Alternatively, this could be turned into a digital game, although the tactile nature of it would be missed. In this version, the game would ask the player to complete a specific task, for example “Figure out how to eat your morning breakfast cereal.” However, none of the objects available in the scenario are meant for eating breakfast cereal with. The player must discover a creative solution to the question, using only the objects they have.

(Thanks Madeleine!)

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November 27, 2015

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