333 The Colour Of Your Soul

A mechanic (or plot) in a game that’s focused around the color of different characters’ eyes.

Each character has certain abilities depending on the color of their eyes. Some colors are more rare than others. Certain abilities or events may change or drain the color from a character’s eyes. Lighting conditions, weather, and clothing color also heavily affect the perception of a character’s eye color.

There would be 7 main categories of eye color:

  • Brown (1-4)
  • Amber (5-6)
  • Hazel (7)
  • Green (8)
  • Grey (9-12)
  • Blue (13-16)
  • Unique (Black, Red, Violet, Yellow, or White)

(Loosely based on this weird scale? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_scale)

Something like this could potentially be integrated into Underground, a long-running game design project in progress.

(Thanks… AGAIN… Madeleine)

[ Today I Was Playing: Professor Layton and the Last Specter ]

November 29, 2015

#game-mechanic-system, #narrative-game