341 SmileQuest

From what I’ve heard, it can be pretty difficult to get children to properly and consistently brush their teeth daily, and probably nearly impossible to make it an enjoyable activity.

This would be a specific toothbrush (or accessory for a regular toothbrush) that encouraged kids to brush correctly by rewarding them when they do. The device could be calibrated each time brushing began, and could test for things like even brushing across top/bottom and both sides of the mouth, length of brushing, pressure, type of toothpaste, and potentially things like pH levels and bacteria testing. Even more, the device could be taken with to the dentist, and the child’s dentist would be able to upload specific requirements unique to the needs of the child.

A web app or mobile game could be used as a supplemental way to encourage the child to brush each day.

“The Cleaner The Teeth, The Better The Smile.”

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December 7, 2015

#childrens-game, #game-hardware