342 Fun+ Mode

Modern games don’t have “silly” modes or cheats as often as they used to; it’s time for games to embrace the over-21-ness of their audience.

The Fun+ Mode is essentially the same as many DIY drinking games created for movies and TV shows, but specifically built into the game. This game mode could be featured in many different game genres. It would use a certain set of parameters, and pause, flash, or alert all players when those are met and it’s time to take a “drink” or “shot.” Pausing would be ideal, as it forces the players to stop and actually take a drink. There may even be a mini-game where whoever takes their drink fastest and presses Start to resume is rewarding within the game. If the game were split-screen, players may be forced to take drinks individually at separate times, which would also be tracked in the game and may contribute to the player’s overall score or award some other benefit.

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December 8, 2015

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