343 Fun+ The App

Like yesterday’s post, I’ve been thinking about casual drinking in combination with gaming.

This would instead be a companion iPad or tablet/phone app. It would have modules for any popular game requested by users. The features could vary greatly in each module. The iPad could be set up near the TV with the game on it. It could use Bluetooth to sync to it, otherwise it could use sound recognition or other tech to respond to the game. It could play a loud buzz each time players were to take a drink. Maybe also recognizing when players say a word (drink each time someone says “Fuck!”), the game says a word or plays a sound effect, or every 10 minutes.

The power of this app would be that each game could have a wildly different type of drinking game, or even many different variations within a single game. Users could submit ideas or potentially build out their own ideas.

[ Today I Was Playing: Gears of War 2 ]

December 9, 2015

#drinking-game, #gamification, #mobile-game