345 HydroTracker

A game, app, or piece of hardware that encourages people to drink more water during the day.

The simplest implementation of this would be to have a water bottle or drinking device that tracks how much water you drink throughout the day. However, it’s not always possible to be drinking out of the same bottle constantly. Another option would be a device that can wrap around any container you’re drinking out of. Once wrapped around, you either tell it your container already is full of some water, or it is empty. It could use the weight of the container to determine how much liquid is being displaced.

The device would connect via bluetooth to your phone to keep track of your consumption, send you alerts when you haven’t had any water in a while, and allow you to manually input your hydration if you don’t have or forgot to use your HydroTracker. The app would also encourage you to keep consistent with your hydration by offering rewards and using light gamification.

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December 11, 2015

#game-hardware, #gamification