346 Crystalline Laramie

A story about cocaine and heroine destroying a small Wyoming town (and one of its residents).

An episodic 4-part game, following Ory Joe Johnson’s 20-year descent into the lucrative business of drugs. Each episode, you play as a different aspect or person in Ory’s life that contributed to or was affected by his miniature drug empire. The gameplay varies between each episode, to best represent each piece of the story, although certain aspects of it would remain to keep it feeling consistent across the entire series.

Episode 1: Vicodin, Or, How It Sometimes Starts On Crutches

Episode 2: Money, Or, Excuses Laid In Concrete

Episode 3: Cocaine, Or, How To Kill A Marco Polo Sheep

Episode 4: Heroine, Or, 17/100ths Of A Gram


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December 12, 2015

#episodic-game, #narrative-game