349 Latte Art

In this barista game, master the art of the Foamy Latte by practicing your ability to make good looking lattes with different subject matter as requested by customers.

In Story Mode, orders come in throughout the day and you have to manage both the quality of the brewed coffee / espresso, as well as learning to make latte art when it’s requested. Slowly, your cafe becomes known for its latte art, and eventually know for you being its star latte art employee. As levels increase in difficulty, you have to choose the right coffee beans and type of milk to make specific designs, and upgrade your barista toolkit to allow for more precise and impressive designs.

In Looks Alatte Like (inspired by the mini-game in Mario Party where you have to stretch Bowser’s face until it matches the example portrait), you stretch and reposition the latte blob until it best represents the goal object/animal/thing, within a set amount of time against other players.

(Thanks Madeleine!)

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December 15, 2015