350 Cereal Powers

A group of kids realize that, after playing near a local sewer drain, they’ve gained the ability to transform and enhance aspects of themselves based on which cereal they eat each morning.

This system could be used in an RPG, potentially similar in design to Costume Quest or Bastion. Your party of characters wake up each morning, and have to choose from the cereals they have at their respective houses to decide which abilities will be enhanced for the rest of that day. They can’t just eat different cereals all day, or ask their parents to get dozens of different varieties for them, for fear that they might suspect something strange is going on.

Each morning, different character’s parents might be doing different things that will allow them to eat a bowl of a special variety of cereal stored in their bedroom, or sneak out of the house and eat breakfast at a friend’s house. For example, all the parents are gone to church on Sunday mornings.

Although the actual gameplay of the main game could vary greatly depending (could be an RPG, or an action game, or even a platformer?), the game would place a heavy focus on this morning ritual, which would happen each morning (aka, before a level starts).

(Thanks Madeleine!)

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December 16, 2015