354 Real Life

A game of life and death.

In this simulation open-world game, time presses on. When the game is launched, you’re given a character who will only survive if you take care of its survival. There are no zombies, monsters, or guns (unless you’re a police officer, psychopath, or your character spawns in Texas). You require food, shelter, and sleep to survive. Time passes as it does in The Other World, as our world is referred to in the game. If it’s 12:14 PM PST on November 13th of 2016, then so it also is in the game.

If you let your character die, you must wait a certain amount of time or meet certain strict conditions before asking to create another. There is no afterlife in Real Life.

Kind of like Second Life meets Fallout meets H1Z1, meets The Sims a little.

[ Today I Was Playing: Victor Vran ]

December 20, 2015

#experimental-game, #simulation-game