357 Cina+

This game acts as an enhancement and companion to watching movies at home.

To help you and some friends stay engaged with a movie at home, or to bring extra life to a movie you’ve seen many times already, fire up the Cina+ app. Search for the movie your watching, point your phone or tablet’s camera at the TV, and wait for it to sync. From there, the app has a few different modes.

Run it in Trivia mode to be occasionally asked questions based on the actors, directors, and other details of the film. Specific questions will sometimes relate to certain scenes that are happening. Collaborate on the answers, or use multiple devices to compete for the quickest response to questions.

In Enhanced mode, the app provides a consistent stream of interesting facts and content related to the movie and the specific scenes that are happening. Often there will be the opportunity to pause the movie and watching additional related extra content. If you’re watching the movie on a compatible Apple device, you can even draw directly on the screen while the movie is playing, to further interact with the content.

I seem to like to name apps/games with pluses at the end of them. +

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December 23, 2015