367 Retrospective (The List)

As mentioned yesterday, I wanted to compile a short list of my favorite posts from 2015, and include a small snippet of text with each explaining, retrospectively, why I think it’s interesting.

##13 Going Up I love how simple this idea is, and how easy it is to picture it in a finalized state. It’s also very easily a contender to be expanded on and made into a playable concept.

##47 Underground Stacks Kevin and I spent a good chunk of time in 2014 writing, creating, organizing, and developing a strategy iPad game called Underground, set in modern day London. This was an extension of those ideas, and I love the idea of an iPad game having a companion physical card game variant.

##66 What’s In An Addiction This is one of the only satirical pieces I’ve written so far. I love the tone of it, and I think it has something pretty interesting to say too, about the current state of endless runners.

##114 Hay Hay is probably my favorite idea that I came up with this year. It’s certainly not the most unique or special, but it’s definitely the one that had me the most excited. Kevin and I have since started development on it, and it can be [seen here] in its current state.

##151 Paperboy 2065 Simple, but I can totally imagine this as a great iOS game.

##174 Confessions Of An Internet Password Box This one is so strange, and that’s why it made it on this list. I love the concept of personifying a piece of the internet, though.

##175 Framed I find it difficult to come up with story-based posts, for some reason. Or rather, the difficult part seems to be actually writing them. I like how this one turned out, although I still don’t think it’s written very well.

##185 Underground Shopping UI Making these UI pieces for our Underground project was a blast, and seeing the progression over time is really great. This is one that I’d love to revisit in 2016, definitely.

##215 Dicey The other concept that we ended up spending some time developing was Dicey. We’ll probably resume working on this at some point in 2016.

##277 Thinking Games And Dying Games I wrote a handful of more journalistic posts, and this was one of my favorites. This and some of the others I would love to develop into something longer form eventually (see two below, #290).

##280 Blind Cards These cards are one of the more innovative ideas I had, in my opinion. I love the physicality of this solution for playing cards for the blind! I did a lot of research and couldn’t find anything similar out there already.

##290 Digital Game Treatise A serious book about gaming. Or, at least a professional look at some of contemporary and relevant topics in gaming.

##300 No Such Thing As Ghosts One of my favorite of the “experimental” game posts (which unexpectedly ended up being one of my most common tags), I’d absolutely love to be able to testing out something with unique gameplay like this.

##315 Terra Moji This is another one that I would love to develop further in 2016. It’s so simple but I think it would be a blast to play and would have really broad appeal.

##338 BrumBrumBrumBrumBrrr This one was just too funny to not include.

##342 Fun+ Mode I can’t believe that casual drinking and gaming hasn’t been more integrated in the past. I really love this idea.

##359 Spaced Blocks I’m planning on getting a set of blocks to test out this concept soon. I’ll post a followup after testing.

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January 2, 2016