377 Game Marketing Using Guerrilla Geocaching

A marketing campaign for a game that includes a collectible card game / geocaching element.

In this guerrilla marketing campaign, 1000’s of cards are distributed amongst some of the world’s largest cities: Tokyo, London, New York, and obviously San Francisco. Once the cards are in place, the campaign is announced. Each card contains a different code, and each code unlocks something specific and different in the game. Some might be minor aesthetic changes or basic items (depending on the style of game), while others might be larger things that are “worth” more, either in game or in actual value. But, each card is something different.

The campaign would run for a short time, limiting the validity of the codes to a week or so until they expire. This is mostly to discourage the resale of the cards, and encourage people to act quickly to find them.

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January 12, 2016

#game-marketing, #underground