393 Pocket Vibes

A tabletop board game that uses the phone in your pocket as a means of communication.

Each player has an app installed on their phone to facilitate this game. While the app is open, the phone must be kept in the pocket, but is your primary source for underground communication. The volume up button controls who you will contact (clockwise from where you’re sitting, 1 vibe for the player immediately to your left, 2 vibes, 3 vibes, and so on), and the volume down button can be pressed to vibe that person’s phone.

The specifics of the game aren’t clear to me yet, but one of this vibe mechanic would be used for players to be able to communicate with one other without certain other players knowing, and all of the nefariousness that can come along with that opportunity.

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January 28, 2016

#board-game, #experimental-game, #multiplayer-game