410 One Bullet Kills

A first person shooter used to teach kids and teens (…and adults) about the danger and severity of guns.

In this “game,” all players are carrying a handgun and 6 bullets. If a player is shot, their wound is completely dependent on the location of the shot. For example, if a player is shot in the leg, they’re almost completely immobile. They can’t simple find a “health pack” and get back into the fight; to survive through to the next round, they have to crawl themselves back to a safe area and wait it out, while treating themselves with some basic preventative first aide. In this leg example, they’d still be able to shoot their gun from the ground, but at an extremely reduced accuracy. If the player goes too long without being helped in some way, they lose blood and their vision begins to blur.

If the player is shot in their shooting arm, they must change hands and suffer a significant loss in accuracy. If the player is shot in the head, their screen goes black immediately, and they must wait until the round of matches is over to join again.

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February 14, 2016

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