426 Open Lunch

A game about a group of 4 middle schooler’s sneaking out during open lunch.

A top-down strategy-stealth game set in a middle school lunch room. This multiplayer game plays similarly to the 2013 stealth heist game Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine. Each level features variously increasing challenges related to this group of kids escaping the lunch room undetected. Each successful escape causes the school staff to respond with increasingly effective and strange methods to prevent students from escaping.

Maybe the game takes the form of a part-time sim game: during the class time before lunch, the player has to do various mundane activities that represent how kids consider school to be. A successful escape during lunch time ensures that the player doesn’t need to sit through the rest of that day of school. Miss out on the escape opportunity, and the player has to play through the rest of the day as well as the morning of the next day before they have another opportunity. Things like day of the week and weather play interesting roles in the setup of levels.

(Thanks Madeleine!)

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March 1, 2016

#stealth-game, #strategy-game