456 Cities

In this simulation game, visit fully rendered scale reproductions of some of the world’s most visited cities.

Multiple versions of this game would exist, and are specific to a time period. For example, Cities 2016: Tokyo, or Cities 2017: Berlin.

These reoccuring games are updated and rereleased every 10 years for each city. On each release, all past years of the game are included as well. The purpose of this is to encourage people to explore a contemporary version of the city, as well as explore past versions of it.

As an overall goal, these games are meant for people who are financially, physically, or otherwise unable to visit locations around the world that they absolutely would enjoy experiencing.

As technology and game abilities improve, more detail could be added to these simulations. For example, maybe in Cities 2015: New York, a full reproduction of the Museum of Natural History is created, reflecting its current state at the time of the game’s release. Although this wouldn’t be updated as exhibits change and shift, the experience of walking through the museum could still be had by people who may otherwise never be able to see it.

This would also probably be a great candidate for VR implementation.

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March 31, 2016

#simulation-game, #vr-game