469 Gravitea

A mobile puzzle game about switching gravity and drinking tea.

Accelerometer-based games are rarely interesting or fun. Typically, they are too sensitive, which creates an experience that feels out-of-control and stressful to play. One way to alleviate that would be for the game to have various “states” that are activated by different tilts of the phone/tablet.

In this concept, the player has been accidentally locked in a NASA gravity testing facility overnight. Using their wit and a special gravity switching tool (your phone/tablet!), manipulate the environment to safely drink your tea and then escape the facility.

Flipping the phone upside-down would switch the gravity field. In later levels it could also be switched 90 degrees to the left or right, creating additional puzzle types and challenges.

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April 13, 2016

#mobile-game, #puzzle-game, #touch-controlled-game