472 Inspiration Game

Do you paint, write, compose, cook, design, think, or create in some way? (If not, are you human?) ;)

This is a game that’s designed specifically to inspire you in those other areas of your life. Fire it up when you’re feeling particularly uninspired.

Inspiration, it’s well known, is not magic. And when you’re in a rut, google (/google images/the internet) can only get you so far. This game is specifically designed to create positive and unfamiliar neural connections in your mind, opening up opportunities for inspiration. Creating opportunities for you to find and feel inspired is the best way to actually get there. There is no magic formulae or step-by-step instruction guide you can use; this game simply engages your mind in unique and unexpected ways, creating new connections and a healthy breeding ground for inspired ideas.

[ Today I Was Playing: XCOM: Enemy Within and Battleborn ]

April 16, 2016