473 Underground Update 0001

Kevin and I have, very reluctantly, been putting off this moment; we’re back at work on Underground.

What that means is… updates! We may eventually move Underground specific updates to a dedicated game dev blog (don’t worry, this one isn’t going anywhere), but for now they can live here.

We’ve moved into a phase where we will be creating many of what we’re calling Tech Tests. This means we’ll be creating micro-slices of the game, in very rough forms visually, to test and iterate on the systems and design.

The first one we’re working on is the style menu. It’s essentially the screen where the player can manage what their characters are wearing, and how that affects them.

It can be assumed that in these tech tests, almost everything is placeholder information. Regardless, enjoy!


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April 17, 2016

#adventure-game, #strategy-game, #turn-based-game, #underground