478 Blinded Date

A game of pretend blindness.

Spend a day or a set amount of time with a friend or significant other, the entirety of which one of you has simulated blindness.

Use a blindfold if you’re comfortable with that in public, otherwise get or make a pair of sunglasses that effectively blind you (including your peripheral vision!). Go about your normal day, with your friend or significant other there to support you, as you attempt to navigate the environment without your sense of vision.

Good luck!

[Note: being blind is not funny, nor is it something to make light of. While this isn’t necessarily a “game” that’s meant to be fun, it could be amusing how difficult things can actually be, and how much we take that for granted. It’s mostly an interesting experiment, to be deprived of a sense that we rely so heavily on day-to-day.]

(Thanks Madaloo!)

[ Today I Was Playing: Life is Strange - Ep.3 ]

April 22, 2016

#experimental-game, #physical-game