512 Anger

A game where no NPC “enemy” will attack you unless you attack them first.

I’ve always found it strange that everybody else is out to get you in action/RPG games. I’ve specifically noticed it in the Dark Souls series. It seems like the enemies are placed in such a way that they are literally waiting for you to show up, so that they can then viciously attack you. And while that can certainly make for a suspenseful and exciting game, it’s no longer as interesting or unique, since it’s how most games seem to work.

In this game, all the enemies are passively aggressive until you choose to engage with them. They are not suicidal kamikaze vessels with no regard for their own survival, which is what it usually feels like NPCs are. It’s no wonder we have an instinct to shoot or kill everything we see in games… the games have been programmed to relentlessly try and kill us.

[ Today I Was Playing: Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited and Borderlands ]

May 26, 2016

#experimental-game, #game-system-mechanic