513 Skill Tree Game

An action RPG with a gamified skill tree.

In the Gearbox game Battleborn, each stage or match that the player starts has them choosing a character and starting out fresh with that character at “level 1” experience. Throughout that stage, eliminating enemies and completing challenges will grant experience that lets them level up, to the eventual max level of 10. Each level gained allows the player to choose between two skills, in an on-the-fly presentation of a skill tree.


(1) A screen capture from Gearbox’s MOBA-like Battleborn

In a similar concept, the skill tree would take an even more prominent part of the gameplay. There would be aspects of the skill tree that require skill (as in, skill inside of the actual skill tree menu) to obtain, and other skills that would be contested between players or between teams. Maybe certain items acquired in the main game allow for unlocks in the skill tree, or certain windows of time open up mini-games inside of the skill tree. If these are completed successfully by all of your teammates, a team-wide bonus is granted.

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May 27, 2016

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