529 One Handed Typing

A web game about increasing keyboard proficiency for web developers through focused one-handed typing exercises.

Although the hands are meant to work together on the keyboard, isolating them temporarily for this allows the player to focus on the individual technique of each hand and finger, increase awareness of the keyboard, and potentially work on relearning any bad habits.

A left handed example (try it your self!): Weeds are as exact as Fred frets!

A right handed example (this one too!): No limp lump blink in you; plop.

Ok ok, so these are hard to come up with. Give a one-handed guy a break! But with some creativity and a clever algorithm, I’m sure some great sentences could be made into exercises.

[ Today I Was Playing: Steamworld Heist and Mass Effect 2 ]

June 12, 2016

#educational-game, #web-game