535 Player Skill-Based Progression

It’s unfortunate that I have to use guns as a vehicle for this mechanic idea, but it is easiest to think in terms of them since they are so prevalent in gaming.

This mechanic awards progression based on the player’s actual skill at the game’s mechanic, rather than just based on the outcome of actions.

In most shooting games, you “level up” by killing a certain number of things, winning certain modes, etc. While this is a simple and effective mechanic, I’d like to think it could be smartened a little. Instead, the player’s progression is based on the actual actions they take with their gun and gun types. For example, if the player targeting certain parts of their opponent (the head, the arm holding the gun, the heart?, etc) will award more progression than blindly shooting. But, the algorithm would also attempt to understand when the player is simply blindly shooting and happens to hit these trigger spots, and doesn’t reward them for that. Other tactics could be taken into account, like teamwork, crouching, covering behind certain objects, using specific tactics, reloading the gun at smart times, and other intelligent practices.

This could probably pretty easily be applied to other styles of gaming.

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June 18, 2016