541 Heart Rate And Breathing Mechanics

I’ve played a few games that implement certain audio assets or cues in their design that indicate that the player’s character is winded, out of energy, or full of adrenaline.

In this mechanic, your heart rate and breathing are a core component of the gameplay. Players need to monitor their heart rate and breathing to avoid exhaustion, but they also gain certain boosts to abilities and control when these metrics are pushed above resting state. It’s like running… when you’re not running, you usually don’t feel like starting to run, but when you’re already running, you’re glad to keep running until you expend too much energy running, in which case you’re ready to stop (or ready to die, if you push it way too far).

If these systems go too far one way or the other, your character’s abilities begin to take a hit. If it were a shooting game, your accuracy would start to degrade, if it were a platformer, your jump height would decrease, etc.

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June 24, 2016