544 Why I'm Still Playing Borderlands 2, Four Years Later

Hay! My first click-bait title!

So, I haven’t actually been playing Borderlands 2 for 4 years straight. But… I have played through it many times over the course of the past 4 years! Worse yet, I don’t even have an answer to my click-bait title. It’s all a bunch of lies!

In 2012, I played Borderlands 2 on the PC once or twice through with keyboard/mouse, two player co-op with my brother. Then I wised up (just kidding PC Master Race readers), and got a bluetooth adapter, and we played it through a few more times that year with an Xbox controller. We also played all the DLC and Headhunter packs as they came out, waiting excitedly for each one.

And now here I am, a few years later, excited to play it all over again in its rereleased form, on PS4. But why?!

I can’t say for certain what’s so addictive about the game. There are lots of obvious aspects.. the loot, the hilarious and witty story/writing… maybe even the familiarity of it at this point. But it feels like something else. There’s something about the gameplay that clicks specifically with me (and my brother). I’m going to go play some more and try to figure out what that something is.

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June 27, 2016