552 Blacksmith

A game where you craft things like a blacksmith actually does.

In light of yesterday’s Stacks And Stacks And Stacks post, this game takes the stacks concept and removes it completely. This game is a completely realistic blacksmith simulator. Set some time in the late Middle Ages, the player is responsible for apprenticing as a blacksmith under his or her uncle. The story unfolds around this premise, with the player unexpectedly assuming the master blacksmith’s role.

Gameplay involves players actually collecting resources, whether actually going to mines or striking up favorable deals with a local mining company to get deliveries. The player can only carry the “weight” of materials that they’re physically able to carry. So, a standard young person could probably haul 50 to 100 pounds with them, depending on through what method (wheel barrel, sack, etc). The materials are then processed into a malleable form (or however blacksmithing even works…), and used to create various blacksmith items. These can then be sold directly to customers, or to other shops and merchants for resale.

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July 5, 2016