554 Pokemon Go, Initial Thoughts

Once in a while a game comes along that completely changes the way people interact with each other, interact with games, or interact with the world. Pokemon Go is on track to change all of those things.

But, as we know, being first to the party isn’t always preferred, and it comes with its own challenges and setbacks, that it seems Pokemon Go will be faced with.

Pokemon Go is as addicting as any Pokemon game before it has been, but in a different way. It encourages local community, physical activity, and collaboration, words not commonly used in reference to video games.

Having played only a few hours of it so far, I can see the potential of the game in its future iteration. It needs some work and polish to get it to that point, but I think it will get there. In the mean time, people will play it, and a lot, because it’s Pokemon and that’s its legacy.

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July 7, 2016