555 Metal Gear Solid Midway Review

Something about older games, they always take me forever to get through. Metal Gear Solid (originally released on the PS1 in the ripe year of 1998) isn’t a particularly long game, 10 hours at most if you’re using a bit of help, maybe 15 at most if not. But somehow it’s taken me almost year to get half-way through it. Maybe it’s just easier to get excited about new games because they’re, well, new. I could have played Metal Gear Solid through three times over in the time I spent on Tropico 5 a few months back, and that all happened within a few weeks.

However, after briefly wrestling with the control scheme and general mechanics, MGS is growing on me. I get why people love it; it has such an interesting and unique presentation and fiction to it. The names of the characters alone are so incredibly bizarre in a way that becomes almost unforgettable. It’s also incredibly innovative in terms of mechanics for its time.

I’m using a basic walkthrough to help me through the game (since, really, who has time to play all of these old games AND new releases!), but I get the general idea and excitement around discovering all of the unique gameplay that MGS has, which isn’t even considering the absolutely bizarre mechanics that some of the boss fights use (having to plug in your PS1 controller into a different controller port to stop Psycho Mantis from reading your “mind”).

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July 8, 2016