578 Pokemon Go, One Month Later

Certainly, Pokemon Go has lost its appeal. And how couldn’t it have? Anything that becomes that popular that fast will be scrutinized intensely and played by some until the game screams uncle.


The problem is that, at least in reference to modern game design trends, there isn’t really enough to “do” in Pokemon Go. Basically, you can catch Pokemon, and you can go to gyms and battle with them (kind of). The execution and design of the gym battling is such that I’d barely consider it something to “do.” So really, all you can do in the game is catch Pokemon. And sure, that’s fun… but it’s nothing to keep most people occupied for very long.

To be more in line with the Pokemon brand, the game needs to incorporate training in some way (something to do with your Pokemon when you aren’t walking around), trainer-against-trainer battles, and trading. None of these things are simple additions, but they are all vital to the Pokemon experience. The game is fun without them, but it definitely won’t last.

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July 31, 2016