593 Green Means Go

A city driving game where you try to hit all green lights and touch your brake as little as possible.

This is a top-down touch screen time management game. Levels are set in different recreations of downtown’s all around the world. The backstory is that you’re an extremely frugal middle-aged guy that hates spending too much of his money on gas. The object of the game is to traverse the downtown, or some specific preset path, without stopping at any red lights, objects, pedestrians, and so on. Drag your car through the city at different speeds and taking different routes to accomplish various goals.

Each country our protagonist visits has different sets of road rules that need to be followed. The gameplay is primarily focused on the dragging of the car through the streets at varying speeds making tactical decisions along the way.

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August 15, 2016

#time-management-game, #touch-controlled-game